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Our years of experience building families across the US and abroad brings warmth and professionalism to each surrogate and intended parent we work with.


Why Choose Private Label Surrogacy™

(01) Ethics

At Private Label Surrogacy™, our reputation means everything to us and ethics and transparency play a critical role. We don’t just adhere to the best practices, we play an integral role in establishing them. Our founder, Nancy Block, is a recognized leader in surrogacy ethics among her peers and clients. She serves on the board for The Society of Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy, an organization that helps define and educate on surrogacy ethics.

It is imperative to us that both our surrogates and intended parents are held in highest regard and treated fairly at all steps. We ensure both parties have referrals to qualified legal representation, and enter in to the surrogacy agreements with clarity.

(02) Experience

We are not just a one-dimensional company. Our team has extensive experience in several facets of the surrogacy process – fertility management, fertility nursing, gestational and postpartum nutrition, and even as surrogates ourselves.

Our founder has served as a pillar in the assisted reproductive technology field for over 30 years, starting as a fertility nurse and educator, and then founding The Center for Egg Options Illinois, a highly sought after egg donation and surrogacy agency. Over the years, we have had the pleasure of managing over 2500 matches between surrogates and US parents, international parents, and same sex parents.

(03) Care

We know the surrogacy journey can be emotionally and physically exhausting for both surrogates and intended parents alike. With a background in nursing and as former surrogates ourselves, our approach is one of nurturing and advocacy.

We make it our mission to go above and beyond during this process, providing extra advantages to help alleviate any stress. We view our surrogates and intended parents as family, and we are here for whatever you need.


Nancy Block, RN

PLS Founder and Director of Operations, Nancy Block, started her career as an OB/GYN and fertility nurse, and staff educator at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. In 2000 she founded The Center for Egg Options Illinois, a highly sought after egg donor and surrogacy matching agency. After helping build families for 15 years, she sold her company to a national agency where she stayed on to assist with business development. Though she loved this part of the business, her heart longed to work with parents and surrogates again.

A mentor to many, Nancy has built strong relationships and friendships throughout the industry. Today she sits on the Advisory Board of Parents Via Egg Donation, and on the Executive Board of the Society of Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy. In 2018, she received the Shining Star award for her lifelong commitment to the industry’s best practices.

Nancy lives in the Chicago suburbs with her family and two dogs. You can often find her cooking for friends and family.


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Mark Silverberg, DDS, MD

Executive Director, Dr. Mark Silverberg, comes to PLS with over thirty years of medical experience and knowledge in a number of significant specialties. As an Anesthesiologist working in multiple operating facilities, he has reviewed countless patient records to evaluate suitability for procedures. Many of the patients he has anesthetized were having Obstetric and Gynecological procedures. The physicians he has worked with are from several locations in the US, specifically the Chicago Metropolitan area. Dr. Mark has also been requested to train new physicians as to his techniques on the safe practice of medicine in the operating room when administering anesthesia.  Dr. Mark is imaginative and a creative thinker with four patents to his name. As a result, he is able to summarize prenatal and delivery records for individuals wanting to be gestational surrogates in a succinct fashion. He supports growing families, and contributing to the happiness of all deserving parents-to-be going through third party fertility treatment.

Jan Telman Berman

Our Global Surrogacy Coordinator, Jan began her career while in a post-graduate counseling psychology program in Chicago. Her passion is educating and guiding all involved in the surrogacy process.

Jan’s 18+ year career has involved working for a Woman’s health clinic and more recently in the Egg Donor/Surrogacy arena. She has extensive experience managing cycles for national and international clients. Jan sees herself as a team player and abides by the highest standards. Her goal is to coordinate the many moving parts of the surrogacy process with the end resulting in a healthy baby.

Jan lives in the Chicago suburbs. In her free time she travels the world, takes Pilates classes and spends time with her adult children, family and friends.


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Jessica Bryan

Jessica, our Intended Parent & Surrogate Coordinator, has made being a mother and caretaker to many her purpose and career. A military spouse and mother of three, she has been educated by her life experiences. As her own children began to grow, Jessica started her journey with Assisted Reproductive Technology by becoming a surrogate to an international couple. Throughout her experiences, she developed and maintained close relationships with the families she touched, as a resource of breastmilk for babies in need and offering her home and heart to foster many children over the years.

Jessica has a passion for watching families come together and grow. Knowing what a special gift a child is, she takes pride in providing the best experience anyway that she can. Her 14 years of travel, relocation, and military life have provided her with a talent in research and analysis of family needs. Her warm and accepting personality makes everyone feel welcomed and at home.

Currently, Jessica lives in Southern Georgia with her husband, two daughters, and son. In her free time, she enjoys trips to the beach, traveling, baking, and loves to try new foods.


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Judith Kieper, PCT

Judith, our Surrogacy Intake Coordinator, is a small business owner, a mother of four, and has a breadth of life experience that has helped shape her into the woman she is today. Her training in the medical field as a nursing technician and phlebotomist taught her patience, attention to detail, and understanding for all stages of life. She has worked with many types of patients including; hospice, surgical, cancer, abuse, and mental illness. She feels privileged to have impacted many lives by offering support during the toughest times in their lives.

Judith has a true passion for helping others as a self-care and mental health advocate. Her high energy and compassion make it easy for her to create bonds and connections with potential surrogates as she coordinates the application and intake process.  She is always ready to learn something new with and eagerness to offer solutions.

Judith lives in the NW suburbs of Chicago with her fiancé and children. In her (very limited) free time, she enjoys creating new masterpieces in the kitchen, dancing, listening to music, and being silly with her family.


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Julie Bendix, MPH, RD, LD, CLC

Julie serves as our Registered Dietitian (RD) and Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC). Julie counsels surrogates throughout their pregnancy to optimize their prenatal health and nutritional status and subsequently the health of the fetus. As the founder of Julie Bendix Nutrition Consulting, her areas of expertise include nutrition counseling for fertility and preconception, pregnancy and postpartum, gestational diabetes, lactation and breastfeeding, infant and child nutrition, and food allergies.

Julie earned a BS in Dietetics from the University of Wisconsin, and an MPH (Masters in Public Health) from the University of Michigan. In addition to her private practice, she has worked as a public health dietitian for Heartland Alliance in Chicago, the Chicago Department of Public Health, Food & Friends in Washington D.C., and the Breastfeeding Center of Greater Washington.

Julie currently lives in the Chicago Suburbs with her husband and three young children. In her free time, Julie stays active with yoga, cycling, hiking, traveling, and cooking.

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