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Giving to others comes second nature to you. And as a gestational surrogate, an entire lifetime is possible because of your gift. We think that’s pretty amazing.

You are the key to an entire lifetime

From the small moments to the large ones, and everything in between, as a gestational surrogate you provide a family with an entire lifetime of memories. First steps, first words, first friends. Piano recitals, soccer practice, swim lessons. None of this would be possible without your incredible gift.

At Private Label Surrogacy™, we think our surrogates are modern day heroes. We see how much you give of yourself and we want to pay it forward to you with a level of care that matches your generous spirit. Whether a new surrogate or an experienced one, we see how brightly you shine.

Surrogate Criteria:

  • Mentally & Physically healthy
  • Not enrolled in Government Assistance
  • BMI under 32
  • Age 21-44
  • History of Healthy Pregnancy
  • Completed your family
  • No Nicotine or Drug Use


  • Generous Compensation Package
  • Plus benefits and expenses
  • Mental Health support & coaching
  • Dedicated Nutritionist with support
  • Life Insurance coverage of $750,000
  • Housekeeping services for all surrogates, starting at 32 weeks
  • Surrogate Support Events

First time Surrogates

If you’ve ever considered being a gestational surrogate or wondered how surrogacy works, let us guide you through this extraordinary process. We’ll serve as your lighthouse, your advocate, and your biggest fan.

As human beings, gestational surrogates seem to possess an oversized generosity of spirit. If you enjoy being pregnant and feel passionate about helping others, you would make a wonderful member of our surrogate family. Get started today with an application or check out our quick pre-qualification guide.

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become a surrogate
become a gestational carrier


We are in awe of what you do and would be honored to have you as part of our close-knit team. We go out of our way to serve as your advocate throughout this process, as well as provide you with all the advantages that you deserve.
At Private Label Surrogacy™, our staff is known for the extra level of care we give every surrogate we work with. From our 24-7 support staff to nutrition counseling, from life insurance to mental health support and more—we rise above the others with our holistic approach. Learn more about what makes us unique below or get started with an application today!

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The Private Label Surrogacy™ Difference

Mental Health Support

Although rare, sometimes tough decisions and heartaches occur along the path of gestational surrogacy. Miscarriages or the need to terminate a pregnancy can be emotionally taxing and your mental health is vitally important to us.
All Private Label surrogates are offered free psychological support should the need ever arise. And our dedicated staff will be right by your side at all turns.

Nutrition Consultations

Nutrition plays a key role in the health of a gestational surrogate. Regular meetings with our Registered Dietitian are provided as a complimentary service to assist you with the many ways food and diet can benefit your journey.
From easing morning sickness to finding foods that maintain energy, to losing the baby weight afterward, we’ll help you plan out meals that both balance and nurture you.

Legal Guidance

Navigating the legal side of surrogacy can be complex and daunting. And let’s be honest, when you’re pregnant you don’t always have the energy for a new challenge. We provide you with a selection of independent attorneys to guide you through the contracts and legal speak.
This way you can focus on what you do best – taking care of yourself, your family, and the remarkable being growing inside of you.

Life Insurance

Your family will always be the most important thing in your life. They are your heart and soul. And as mothers and fathers ourselves no one understands this more. To emphasize how much we value your family, a $750,000 term life insurance policy is included for the duration of the contract, plus one full year after the birth. This is almost triple what other agencies offer, but we can’t think of anyone who deserves it more.

What surrogates are saying

"I feel so blessed to have PLS and the wonderful couple they have matched me with."


"I’ve never felt so taken care of as a surrogate as I did with Nancy. I would work with her again - in a heartbeat!"


"I am so excited! I have always wanted to do this. Now that I am done growing my family I am able to give a precious baby to a loving couple!"



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It’s important for us to learn as much about you as we can. Our process starts with an intake application and moves into a getting-to-know-you interview (either in-person or via Skype). At this time our OB/GYN team will request and review your medical records, and we will assist in setting up an appointment for you and your spouse/partner (if applicable) to partake in a mental health evaluation.

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Matching like-minded intended parents and gestational surrogates is critical to a successful outcome. In this step, we send your profile to potential parents that fit your wish list. We will never ask you to compromise on your requests but will be honest if we feel your criteria will be difficult to match. Video introductions are made, and it is your decision whether or not to agree to the match.

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After you agree to match with the intended parents, we set up a medical screening for you with the IVF doctor. During this appointment, you will undergo a saline ultrasound to determine the health of your uterine lining. An infectious disease screening for both you and your spouse/partner will also be performed. Private Label Surrogacy™ will coordinate any travel if necessary.

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In this step, you start any necessary medications needed to regulate your cycle and prep for the embryo transfer. A mock transfer cycle may be performed to determine the ideal techniques to use for your particular body. The actual transfer date will be determined by the IVF doctor, and the transfer will take place by using a catheter to insert the embryo into your uterus.

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After the first 10-12 weeks of the pregnancy, you may return to seeing your personal OB/GYN. Throughout the pregnancy, the intended parents will be in contact with in-person or through text, email, or video chat. They may also attend doctor appointments with you. We will meet with you on a regular basis to discuss your nutrition, health, and assist you with your birth and postpartum plans.

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Prior to delivery, we will serve as your hospital liaison to ensure your plans are in place. After the birth, the intended parents will have their own room with the baby, but we encourage you to introduce the baby to your family and take pictures. Our nutritionist will review lactation and post-partum nutrition with you, and we will check in with you for several weeks after the birth to ensure you are healthy.

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Gestational Surrogate Compensation

Gestational surrogate compensation and intended parent costs

Gestational surrogates provide a remarkable service, and it’s important to us that you’re compensated well for it (as well as given the extra attention and advantages that you deserve).

Likewise, we are sensitive to the financial burden of the intended parents in this journey. Through our 30+ years of navigating the ins and outs of the industry, we have determined what we feel is the most ethical balance between surrogate pay and intended parent costs.


Paid in 10 equal installments
Starting at $50,000


Paid in 10 equal installments
Starting at $55,000

Please note, fees are agreed upon by the surrogate and the intended parents and may vary.


Our Gestational Surrogates will also receive allowances and stipends to cover incidentals such as clothing, vitamins, travel, lost wages and daycare in the event of a physician ordered bedrest, health insurance, attorney fees, housekeeping at the 32-week mark, and much more.