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Children open up your heart in ways you could never imagine. They teach you that it’s not just the big moments in life, it’s all the little ones – the in-between times, the small things, the intimate seconds – that live with you forever. The first time they say “I love you,” the first time they need your shoulder to cry on, the millions of leg hugs and endless hand holds. All those little quiet moments that reside amid the chaos that truly make up a lifetime.

We would love to be a part in making these moments come true for you. Our surrogates have beautiful, generous spirits and understand how much your dream of a family means to you. With over 30 years of experience helping to grow families, we are here to guide and support through every turn.

Parent with a child born from gestational surrogacy


We understand that embarking on a surrogacy journey can be both daunting and exciting. At Private Label Surrogacy™ we work with traditional couples, same sex couples, international couples, and single individuals to help you grow your family. There are many details in managing a successful surrogacy cycle and finding the best match to meet your expectations is our focus. We recruit only the most qualified and dedicated surrogates.

We have years of experience from the medical side and understand all the hurdles that each surrogate match encompasses. Our approach is one of advocacy, communication, and nurturing for all we work with.

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Parent with a child born from gestational surrogacy
New mother kissing baby born from gestational surrogacy


Private Label Surrogacy™ works with intended parents from the US and many other countries where surrogacy is not permitted or very difficult to achieve medically or legally. We assist our intended parents with all details related to travel abroad for visits and delivery in the US. We provide referrals to assisted reproductive technology (ART) attorneys who assists you with your parentage paperwork, visas, and passports for your baby.

Our staff is instrumental in initiating a birth plan with your surrogate and the delivery hospital. The details involved in your surrogate pregnancy are thoroughly reviewed throughout the cycle, pregnancy, and after delivery.

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The Private Label Surrogacy Difference™


Our team has a vast depth of experience throughout the field of fertility and healthcare. Throughout the years Nancy has matched over 2,000 parents, donors and surrogates in the US and abroad. Together we have 30+ years in the assisted reproductive technology field including fertility nursing and education, fertility management, business development, nutrition, and as surrogates ourselves.  

Unwavering Ethics

Transparency in what we do, how we do it, and how we treat those we work with, is the cornerstone of our mission. We not only hold ourselves to a high bar, we serve an important role in helping define the industry’s ethics standards. Our founder is an executive board member of the Society of Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy, and an advisory board member of Parents Via Egg Donation.

Care that Goes Above and Beyond

Navigating the legal side of surrogacy can be complex and daunting. And let’s be honest, when you’re navigating a surrogacy journey you don’t always have the energy for yet another challenge. We provide you with a selection of independent attorneys to guide you through the contracts and legal speak.
This way you can focus on what you do best – taking care of yourself, your family, and your future baby.

Happy, Healthy Surrogates

We love our surrogates and are amazed by their generous spirit. At Private Label Surrogacy™ it is important to us to attract and recruit only the best and most qualified surrogates. To do so, we provide extra perks such as mental health support, nutrition counseling, and an extended life insurance policy to show them how much they are valued.

What parents are saying

"We feel so lucky to work with you."

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"You have found us a good match! We feel very connected to her. She has a great personality and we really appreciate her commitment to the process."

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"As always we can’t thank you enough for the wonderful dedicated job (and mission) you’re doing with us and for us."

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"AMAZING! Our video meeting took about an hour, we were in 3 different time zones, but with technology, we gave each other virtual hugs & blew kisses to each other. We even introduced our dogs! "

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Getting to know all about you and your goals for your surrogacy journey is extremely important for us. We will set up an initial consultation either via phone or video chat. We will discuss your history, our agency background, and how to best move forward with or without an egg donor. A realistic timeline will be reviewed based on your criteria for a suitable match.

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Once we are fully knowledgeable of your surrogacy goals, we will compare these criteria with our potential surrogates. For surrogates we feel will be a good fit, we will provide you with a detailed profile including her medical background, pregnancy and/or surrogacy history, and bio. A detailed medical record review is completed by a physician at NSRR It is our goal that you are fully informed of all details of a potential surrogate.

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Matching with a surrogate is the most important part of ensuring a successful surrogacy journey. When you have found a surrogate you would like to meet we will set up a video chat introduction between you, the surrogate, and our director, Nancy. If you and the surrogate decide it’s a match we will begin the paperwork and travel arrangements for her to visit your reproductive physician.

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Once agreements are complete, the IVF process can begin. Your surrogate will start any medications needed to regulate her cycle and prep for the embryo transfer. A mock transfer is sometimes performed to determine the ideal techniques. The IVF doctor will then determine the actual transfer date. Approximately 9-11 days after the transfer your surrogate will take a pregnancy test with the doctor.

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Once pregnancy is confirmed you will be in contact with your surrogate throughout the duration of the pregnancy. You may visit in person or have contact through video chats. You may even attend doctor appointments with your surrogate. We will also check in with you on a regular basis to ensure all is going smoothly. And we monitor your surrogate closely to ensure she is healthy and has all that she needs.

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Prior to the birth we will assist you and your surrogate with your birth plan. Whenever possible, the hospital will provide a room for you to stay with your new baby. Our nutritionist will review infant nutrition with you and go over breast milk information. We encourage you to remain in contact with your surrogate after the birth if you are comfortable as they love to see how their gift has helped you.

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Fees & Financing for Intended Parents

New mother kissing baby born from gestational surrogacy

Through many years of experience, we feel we have determined the best balance between intended parent costs and surrogate compensation. Total surrogacy costs typically range from $125,000-$150,000 depending on which services are needed. In addition to the surrogate’s compensation, we offer extra advantages including nutritional guidance, mental health support, and a generous life insurance policy. These extras ensure that we are able to attract the best possible surrogates.

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Surrogacy fees cover many items and each surrogacy journey will have a unique set of needs. Examples of some of the items covered include the surrogate’s base compensation, additional compensation for multiples, life insurance, health insurance, travel expenses, IVF transfer, and legal representations. We will review all expenses with you in detail before you sign with us.

Please note, fees are agreed upon by the surrogate and the intended parents and may vary.

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