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Gestational surrogacy agency supporting surrogates and intended parents
  • 30+ years of experience in family-building
  • Our mission is to support surrogates and intended parents with the highest possible care and ethics

Private Label Surrogacy™ is a gestational surrogacy agency providing next-level care for our surrogates and parents.

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Your care is everything to us

We think of our surrogates as modern day heroes. Because of your gift an entire lifetime is possible. We’d like to pay this forward with a level of care that matches your nurturing spirit – from an extended life insurance package, to mental health care, to nutritional support, and whether you’re a new surrogate or an experienced one, we are dedicated to ensuring your health and happiness.



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Let us help you grow your family

We would love to help you achieve your dreams of growing your family. At Private Label Surrogacy™ we are here to take the mystery out of the surrogacy process and guide you through a happy and understandable journey. We recruit only the healthiest and most dedicated surrogates and support you in all phases of the process. Our approach is one of transparency, communication, and nurturing.


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Our reputation means everything to us, and ethics and transparency play a critical role. We don’t just adhere to the best practices, we play an integral part in setting them.

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Our team has multilevel experience in the surrogacy process – fertility management, fertility nursing, gestational and postpartum nutrition, and even as surrogates ourselves.

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We know the surrogacy journey can be emotionally and physically taxing. Our approach is one of nurturing and advocacy. We make it our mission to go above and beyond during this process.


"Nancy has been part of the surrogacy industry for many years! She is highly experienced, very attentive, meticulous, affordable, and so wonderful to work with!"

Dr. Susanna Park, MD / San Diego Fertility Center 

"He was so nice and caring, I knew he would be a great Dad right then and there. PLS does a great job of matching surrogates with Intended Parents. Trust them! "


"I cannot brag enough about this agency!! They found me the most amazing intended parents, and they are there for me no matter what time of day, or how silly I think my question is! God has truly blessed me with AMAZING people in my life! People I never thought existed in the world. "


"Thank you so much for everything! We couldn't pick a more professional team to go with us through this journey, but mostly for your warm care. We're very excited!"

Y & S / PLS Intended Parents

"The process so far has been enlightening and exciting. I have had the privilege to work with some of the kindest, most caring people at Private Label and meet other surrogates who share the same passion as I do to help a deserving Mother, Father or both bring their beautiful baby into the world!"



Nancy Block, founder of Private Label Surrogacy

Nancy Block, RN

  • OB/GYN fertility nurse and educator
  • Founded The Center for Egg Options Illinois in 2000
  • Executive Board, Society of Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy (
  • Advisory Board, Parents Via Egg Donation (
  • 2018 Shining Star Award Recipient, Society of Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy

The PLS Surrogacy Program & Covid-19

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