How is COVID-19 impacting your surrogacy journey?


Surrogacy agencies are the very heart of the many connections required in a successful surrogacy journey. Private Label Surrogacy makes that responsibility our priority. With the onset of COVID-19, it’s clear everyone is carrying a new weight these days; Intended Parents are anxious about timelines and travel restrictions, Surrogates are wondering how long this hold will go on, professionals are looking for the best ways of supporting their teams and businesses through this challenge, and our families are adapting to a whole new dynamic, whether quarantined together or socially distanced. At Private Label Surrogacy, we realize that in this “new normal”, not much feels normal, at all. One thing that remains the same, however, is the sincere desire to create a family.

Here are a few things our team is being asked about amid the many changes we are navigating, as we remain committed to seeking out ways to support our teams, our clients, our colleagues, and our families. During this time of adjustments and questions, we have answers.

Is the Private Label Surrogacy team providing telehealth?

Yes, absolutely! At PLS, our hearts are with all the individuals and families who are affected by COVID-19, and we are immensely thankful for the efforts being taken to slow and stop its spread. Rest assured that our team is committed to doing our part, as well. Therefore, to ensure the safety of our Surrogates, Intended Parents, team members, and loved ones, we began working 100% remotely weeks ago. As many of our clients and partners are located in other states and around the world, we have extensive experience in operating effectively and pragmatically on virtual terms. We have deferred all in-person meetings and have transitioned completely to telehealth via phone, email, virtual meetings, and other applications to serve our clients. We care about your health, first and foremost, and will do everything possible to help keep you safe.

We are working at normal capacity to support, engage, and screen Gestational Carriers; we are proceeding with new Intended Parents in matching them with Surrogates and supporting matched Intended Parents in the many phases their surrogacy journeys; we are here for you to discuss your questions and concerns as we all find our way. The PLS team will continue to be available outside of routine business hours, should you need additional flexibility to schedule time to meet, consult, and answer your questions.

Is Private Label Surrogacy currently accepting new surrogates and intended parents during the outbreak?

Definitely. When done properly, the early steps of your journey take time, inquiry and planning. We manage these elements based on your individual and family needs, whether they be emotional, medical, or financial. Fortunately, these stages can all be completed virtually from the comfort and safety of home.

We understand that there are currently many disruptions to normal travel and fertility clinic timetables. If any of those interruptions do somehow impact your journey, we believe that you will be in a much better position to resume faster and more effectively if you begin your application and matching process during this medically slower time.

Is this a good time to meet with Private Label Surrogacy, or is it better to wait until the curve is flattened?

PLS encourages having initial discussions sooner rather than later to develop the important plans your personal journey will require. We have over 30 years of experience in third-party reproduction, and a wide range of surrogates and intended parents to whom we can make introductions immediately. Our approach is quite comprehensive, and naturally, it takes time to complete with expertise. The more you get to know Private Label Surrogacy, the more you’ll understand that the elements of our intake and matching methods make ensuring your positive journey possible.

We are in constant communication with healthcare providers and professionals from numerous specialties in our industry. Currently, we are advising all parties to consult with their physician for any specifics on protocols, whether you are about to start a cycle, have a transfer scheduled, or are awaiting another next step in your journey. Each fertility center has its own set of guidelines, and as the situation is changing daily, they may shift quickly. PLS advises clients to follow instructions from state and local health departments, as well as recommended travel restrictions.

Don’t worry. If circumstances cause you to put your journey on hold, it’s ok! – we will be here when you are ready to continue safely and with peace of mind.

What can PLS do to help traverse fertility clinic and other delays?

A few things. We meet daily with our team and are working diligently with clinics to ensure that medical records are being pulled and reviewed during this time. Additionally, we oversee the preliminary drafts of your surrogacy contracts with the representing attorneys. This allows you to gain an important understanding of the legal relationship and its requirements, much ahead of schedule. PLS is actively collaborating with clinics and REs to develop smooth transitions in the short-term, in addition to long-term, sustained protocols.

We know how frustrating waiting can be for all concerned. Even in the best of times, surrogacy is a challenging experience, often sprinkled with delays and setbacks to overcome. Our quick, calm tactic and knowledgeable skillset in managing these adjustments productively and positively are just a few of the characteristics that set Private Label Surrogacy apart.

What kind of support can I expect from Private Label Surrogacy?

A lot! Our team is comprised of professionals with decades of experience in assisted reproductive technology and first-hand knowledge of the surrogacy process. The Private Label Surrogacy staff is readily available to you and happy to accommodate hectic schedules. PLS works with the very best mental health and legal specialists in the business. We have a dedicated nutritionist on staff to support our surrogates throughout pregnancy and beyond. We also host regular surrogate support events to further connect our PLS community – and to have a little fun!

Now, more than ever, we are committed to the holistic care of your surrogacy experience.

Unquestionably, this an anxious season, but please know: You are never alone. Private Label Surrogacy is here to support you every step of your journey. We trust we will get through this together because we experience firsthand the best of humankind, every day.

As we find our way through these unprecedented times, the PLS commitment to building families with ethics and care as our top priority remains stronger than ever before. Contact us, let’s take the first step of your journey together.

From all of us, please take good care of yourselves and those you love. Stay safe and be kind.

With warm and healthy wishes –

The Private Label Surrogacy Team