My Surrogacy Journey: Where do I start? – A personal perspective from PLS.

Being a surrogate was one of the most memorable and rewarding experiences we have done as a family. With the support of my husband and two daughters, we were able to help complete a family. Pregnancy and deliveries were easy for me, and we were done having kids of our own and we knew couples that had struggled, including my own parents. So we decided to help another family by trying to make their dreams come true.

We were lucky enough to be introduced to an amazing couple – they already had a daughter but were unable to have a sibling. Our friendship blossomed through the few years since we were introduced. They have asked us to visit them in China which is really exciting and an adventure for all of us to experience together sometime soon.

I still think it is so amazing that I was able to carry a beautiful little miracle for someone else. It truly fills me with joy to know that I could do that for them. It was a reward enough to see their faces when “T” was born and how in love they both were with their new addition. It was priceless to see when mom let go of his hands for a weight check that he would scream and when she held onto his little hands he stopped instantly. That moment was my acknowledgement that they were going to be great at this and their son would be so loved.

We still get pictures and updates. He will be two in February. Time just flies by and our little “T” has become such a big guy. I will end this post the way I started…this was one of the most memorable and rewarding things we have ever done!