How can post-partum nutrition help you feel like yourself again?

Did you know that being deficient in key nutrients can increase a woman’s chances of developing postpartum depression or other postpartum mood disorders? Pregnancy and lactation can seriously deplete a woman of these key nutrients as a growing baby pulls nutrients from the mother’s stores if she does not consume enough through her diet.

The key nutrients that have been linked to postpartum depression include essential fatty acids (EPA/DHA), vitamin D, B-vitamins (specifically B6, B9, B12), and trace minerals (specifically zinc, iron, and selenium).

Diets high in seafood (ex: salmon, sardines), legumes (ex: lentils, black beans), animal proteins (ex: chicken, beef, and eggs) are particularly rich in these nutrients and should be consumed every day during pregnancy and postpartum.

During your pregnancy with Private Label Surrogacy, our registered dietitian nutritionist will help ensure that you are getting enough of these key nutrients to meet the needs of the growing baby but also ensure your body stores are maintained and you are not left depleted after delivery. Continuing to focus on these nutrients in the early postpartum period will also help you heal more quickly and get back to feeling like yourself again!