Gestational surrogacy is when a woman agrees to carry and deliver a pregnancy for another couple or individual.

The woman who carries the pregnancy is referred to a gestational surrogate (GS) or gestational carrier (GC). The intended parents (IPs) are the couple or individual a surrogate carries for. The woman carrying the pregnancy has no genetic relation to the baby, making this the most common form of surrogacy today.

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How does Gestational Surrogacy Work?

Unlike traditional surrogacy, a gestational surrogate’s eggs are never fertilized, and they have no genetic ties to the baby. Before matching with gestational surrogates, intended parents undergo medical screening, egg retrievals, and collect sperm samples to create their own embryos. The embryo is later implanted in the surrogate’s uterus via in-vitro fertilization (IVF). This makes the surrogacy journey less complicated and is why it’s the most common form of surrogacy.


The gestational surrogacy process can be summed up into 3 phases: Screening, Matching, and Pregnancy & Delivery. 


Screening: During this period, gestational surrogate candidates and intended parents begin their journey. Many will choose to work with an honest and reputable agency. They do the heavy lifting while gestational surrogates and intended parents get acquainted. Private Label Surrogacy (PLS) takes a comprehensive approach to the gestational surrogacy journey. We invest significant time and effort into surrogate candidate’s medical history that is reviewed by not only a nurse, but also our in-house Medical Director. This ensures a healthy and successful experience for both surrogates and intended parents.


Matching: The matching process is where we get into the heart of what both parties hope for their journey and beyond. This is the foundation of your connection. Throughout this phase, your agency and attorneys will help you outline all the legal parameters for your journey.


Pregnancy & Delivery: This phase of the journey is what it’s all about! The gestational surrogate will carry the pregnancy while intended parents eagerly await to grow their growing family. Many previous Private Label Surrogacy matches form strong bonds that extend beyond delivery. See what one of our former intended parents had to say about their match:


I got to facetime with N & O yesterday. At this point, I can’t imagine going through this journey with anyone else. I have no doubt they will very much be part of my family. – Gestational Surrogate B


Private Label Surrogacy has also come to include the “4th trimester” as part of the journey. It is an important period of time for both gestational surrogate and the new parents. We make it a point to check in with both parties and ensure everyone is adjusting well post-delivery.


Who Becomes a Gestational Surrogate?

So, who actually becomes a gestational surrogate? While many women want to become superhero surrogates for intended parents, it’s important to check a few key requirements:


  1. A gestational surrogate must be between the ages of 21 to 42
  2. She must have given birth to at least 1 child and have a history of normal pregnancies.
  3. A gestational surrogate must have a BMI that is within a healthy range for pregnancy (i.e. 18 – 33).
  4. She must be a non-smoker and must not be using any drugs.
  5. A gestational surrogate must be medically, emotionally, and financially stable.


Gestational surrogates will undergo medical examinations with a fertility specialist during the screening phase. They will determine whether she is capable of carrying a surrogacy pregnancy. Our goal is to make sure each person who works with us has a positive and memorable experience. Have questions about the requirements? Call or email us! We’d love to chat.


Start your journey today!

Gestational surrogacy can be a long process with various moving parts. But it is a rewarding and exciting way for hopeful parents to expand their families and experience all the joys of raising their child.


At Private Label Surrogacy, we work tirelessly to make sure each gestational surrogate and intended parent experiences a high level of care and attention. We’re proud to be an agency run by a team of physicians, nurses, and expert care team members who are looking out for your best interest.


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