You may have decided to pursue a surrogacy journey and are wondering where to go from here. Well, the first step would be to choose an agency to guide you throughout the process. Gestational surrogacy is a complex journey and it’s important to find an agency that is the right fit for you. Private Label Surrogacy has established itself as a leading agency due to their reputation, expertise, and value to both surrogates and intended parents. We hope to help you throughout this learning phase to ask important questions and get a sense of what a great, full service agency can do for you.


Do your research

Before deciding on which surrogacy agency to work with, it is important to do your research and ask the right questions. Start by researching the agency’s reputation and history. How many years have they been in business? What sorts of people are on their staff? Do they employ any medical professionals? It is also wise to look into reviews and recommendations from other people who have previously worked with the agency. What are they saying? Have they had positive experiences? These types of questions will help you decide if they are the right fit for you. You may also want to cross-check their criteria against the American Society for Reproductive Medicine; they set the national guidelines for surrogacy, egg donation, and all reproductive medicine. 

Tip: The best surrogacy agencies will go beyond these basic standards to ensure a safe surrogacy journey for both surrogates and intended parents.


Ask lots of questions

It’s important to make sure you choose the right agency for your individual needs. So ask questions! The best surrogacy agencies should be able to describe the services and benefits they offer in detail.

They can tell you about their screening process, surrogate requirements, financial and legal guidance, and specific timelines. These talking points can give you a better idea of how the agency works and what is expected from both surrogates and intended parents. It is also important to ask about any additional support the agency may provide throughout the surrogacy journey. 

Asking a lot of questions can help ensure that you are comfortable and confident in your choice of agency. We recommend that you also ask to speak to someone at the agency to get a feel for their staff. Make sure you take advantage of these resources to get an even better understanding of the agency’s process.

Tip: A good agency should offer free consultations for surrogates and intended parents with no commitment.


Trust your gut


When searching for an agency, don’t be afraid to trust your gut instinct. The best surrogacy agencies will be open and honest about their processes and the services they offer. They should provide you with education, support, and understanding. For surrogates, an agency will make you feel comfortable, excited, and valued. And for intended parents, an agency will match you with the right surrogate and help you come home with a new baby.

Tip: Ask what protections the agency has in place for your family.


Have you enjoyed your previous pregnancies? Are you looking to make a difference in someone’s life? Learn more about the surrogacy journey today. Our goal at Private Label Surrogacy is to ensure successful and positive surrogacy experiences for everyone. Let’s talk today!


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